॥ जय गणेश ॥

Vastu Consultation

Vastu Consultation (Vastu Shastra)

Aum Ganeshay Namah. The Vedic origins of Vastushastra can be traced to the shape of 'AUM' . Lord Ganesha, the Goddess of Learning, has always been associated with the primordial sound and word 'AUM' which is considered to be omniscient and omnipotent. Vastushastra, a super science, evolved some 5000 years ago in India.

Ancient in comparison to Chinese discipline of Feng Shui which is 3500 - 4000 years old. Vastushastra essentially deals with practice of architecture and building / construction science, but it touches every facet of life on this earth and the universe. The ever present link between man and the cosmos is the basic theme of Vastushastra. Vastushastra principles provide guidance for making optimum use of cosmic energy to achieve cosmic harmony. Pyramids, mirrors, bells, gems, precious stones, metals, colours, yantras, trees, flowers serve as catalysts in reestablishing the connection between man and the divine energy. With all its sublime and mysterious ways, the basic parameters used in Vastushastra compliant designs are: geomagnetic flux, solar energy, sound energy, and water sources. Vastushastra has a scientific background.

The concept of dik-kal (dik=direction, kal=time) is reflected in modern science in terms of physics of space-time. Mass-energy equivalence is the backbone of all Vastu remedial measures. But this concept is now identified only with Prof. Albert Einstein on account of the famous equation E=mc�. It is time Vastushastra is made free of its mystic garb and developed as a logical and scientific discipline.

Darshanshastra has five sub-branches - Vastushastra, Yogashastra, Astrology, Ayurveda, and Sangeet. The combined wisdom covers ideas of cosmic energy flow, space-time, five great elements etc. "Perception" as defined by Western philosophers is part and parcel of the all-pervasive "Darshanshastra".