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Welcome to jyotishvastu

I am Acharya Raghavkirti. I am Professional Spiritual Counsellor & Psychic who uses astrology, vastu, tantra and yantra with inner strength in my private practice. I can give you honest, proper, reliable advice using these powerful tools of occult science. I have over 17 yrs. of professional experience in this field and have written and lectured extensively on this subject. I can give minor and accurate prediction of your horoscope.

I have spiritual inner power, specializing in various branches of occult science with astrology, tantra, yantra and dream interpretation. Certified astrology, vastu, tantra, advisor and psychic. awarded by spiritual and astrological associations.

When I chat with somebody for the first time, within only few seconds, I immediately channel an accurate vibration of that person's psychic energy and merely moments I "read" that person's past, present and future. I will help you along your path to discover inner peace, career, quit family life, happiness and prosperity. Astroliogically, at your request, I will provide a very detailed astrological - compatibility chart of your astrological planetary alignment between any two individuals. I am also a very experienced spiritual remedial consultant. I can show you the proper way to discover a life of abundance and prosperity. I am a spiritual advisor and havebeen blessed by God Ganesh & Guru Dattatreya divine anointing to clairvoyantly clearly connect with and read the spirits of those on earth and of those in heaven. Yet this gifted anointing is completely due to my spiritual connection with God and through his extraordinary anointing within me.

Aims & Objects

  • To establish national Integration . To develope moral and ethical properties in human being.
  • To establish the scientific aspect of Vastu, Jyotish(Astrology), Mantra-Tantra-Yantra - Yoga & Occult Science. To give traning of above science.
  • To organise conferences and sammelans for public welfare. To establish Gaushala for cows welfare, Exercise centre( Vyayamshala) for health, establish general libraries, schools for poor students and establish the offices of the institute for benifit of common man.
  • To oraganise Astrology-Vastu-Yantra exihibition, sammelans, lectures& chanting- Mantras audio-visual cassettes.
  • To promote all the acts responsible for the welfare of mankind. To help desable, patients, weaker sections of society, development of animals and social services.
  • To honour and award the knowledgeable person and helpful person in the field of Astrology, Vastu, Pooja-Path & verious branches of occult science.