॥ जय गणेश ॥

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By performing the Swayamvara Parvati

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The Sanskrit word TANTRA literally means

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All ancient cultures had sacred geometric

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Prescribing a gemstone to ward

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The essence of body is energy. Crystals

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Correct and accurate prediction depends

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About Us

Welcome to Jyotishvastu

JYOTISH is an important aspect of our intellectual heritage and linked to the VEDAS. The classical works clearly define astrology, astronomy and mathematics as together coming under one subject called JYOTISH.

All ancient and modern works are quite clear and unambiguous in saying the science of jyotish is divided into 3 branches. According to Narad Samhita, the first is called Siddhanta (Ganita), the second is Samhita and the third is Hora. jyotish is the science which deals with influence of the planets. Astrology postulates that people are always under the influences of plantery rays. Each planet has a different influence over the person.

Jyotish(Astrology) can be used to examine all aspects of life, including health, education, career, finance, marriage, spiritual life and even every day activities. Jyotish can determine how and when the various influences will act and whether their effects will be good, bad or neutral.Jyotish is the most correct system to predict the planetary influences on soul, mind, intelligence and spiritual life. It is also the perfect in solve problems and to better use the positive influences of stars and planets.

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They will provide the best free horoscope
astrology to you by analysing your sign.

Acts as a Financial Planner

The planet in the 1st house of your horoscope and its lord influence the skills and talent in a person.

Makes You Confident and Optimistic

If you hone the skills you are naturally good at and use it to your benefit, you will not just save your time

Helps in Decision Making

A person with Ascendant lord Venus will be inclined towards creative, artistic and innovative fields.

Tells if Your Partner Is Rich and Attractive

Horoscope not just informs you about your skills but also tells you a specific career which will benefit you the most.